G&G GKM AEG ( Elektrisch )
G&G GKM AEG ( Elektrisch )
G&G GKM AEG ( Elektrisch )
G&G GKM AEG ( Elektrisch )
G&G GKM AEG ( Elektrisch )
G&G GKM AEG ( Elektrisch )


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  • Pneumatic BlowBack
  • Material: Steel + wood
  • Weight: 3700 g
  • Colour: Black
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~390 FPS
  • Length: 920mm
  • Engine: Electric


A replica manufactured by G&G belonging to a GT Advanced series, which is characteristic for its very good quality craftsmanship - both on the inside and outside. The replica was made practically entirely from steel and wood. This allowed it to imitate the live firearm original as closely as possible, also in terms of size and construction details. Steel parts include the receiver, rear sight base, front sight base, outer barrel, dust cover, etc. The pistol grip was made from polymer, while the cradle, stock and gas tube cap were made from plywood - exactly as in the live firearm original.

Access to the hop-up chamber is gained in a traditional way - after pulling back the charging handle. On the right side of the receiver there is a winged fire mode selector and a safety.

The heart of the replica constitutes a GB V3, which together with 230mm long barrel allows to achieve a muzzle velocity of ~390 FPS and very good accuracy. The replica is equipped with a proprietary, pneumatic Blow-Back system patented by G&G. It is based on an additional piston operating on the air usually wasted by a gearbox. It is a solution that does not put stress on the gearbox of the replica and does not shorten its lifetime.

The replica comes with an artificial metal Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of 450 BBs. The set includes two handguards integrated with Li-Po 11.1V batteries. The manufacturer includes in the set an appropriate adapter and a charger with a cell balancer. The box contains also a beautiful, clear and colourful User’s Manual.

The set includes:

  • replica
  • magazine
  • two Li-Po 11.1V, 12.21Wh batteries integrated with a handguard
  • charger with a balancer
  • adapter
  • User’s manual
Wapen Barrel Lengte
Wapen Batterij
Wapen Blowback
Ja Elektrisch
Wapen Fps
~ 390 FPS
Wapen Gearbox
Special gearbox
Wapen Hop-Up
Ja, Aanwezig
Wapen Batterij Lader
Ja, Inbegrepen
Wapen Totale Lengte
Wapen Magazijn Capaciteit
600 Rds
Wapen Magazijn Type
High-Capa (Wieltje Onderaan)
Wapen Vuurstanden
Safe, Single, Full Auto
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