Build on experience


in short aeg

The AEG is the most commonly available Airsoft gun. Its great to start with, because there is little that can go wrong with them, if you treat them with love. Even the most experienced players can find there satisfaction after some upgrades. 

We started doing some tech work on the AEG more than 8 years ago. Now we apply these techniques on a daily basis, but regularly addapt and test these techniques to give you the best service available. To be up to date with new techniques and technology we trust on the Airsoft community and our suppliers. 


  • Shimming
  • Hop-Up Assembly Upgrade
  • Downgrade
  • Double Sector Gear
  • DMR Set-Ups
  • And More...


WHERE performance is important

Snipers are a growing factor in our community. You can see them on every field in large quantities these days. But its commonly known that before you have a good Airsoft sniper rifle, that you will need to invest in some decent upgrades to reach the full potential of your weapon.

We are applieying our "sniper" techniques for about 3 years now. We have build a couple of projects that are known around players, wich makes us proud.

We like to work out projects with you're thoughts and ideas. So we plan everything personally with the customer and guide them trough the proces. In this way we garanty a smooth working Rifle, with the disered performance.


  • Smooth Workings
  • Hop-Up Assembly Upgrade
  • Downgrade / Upgrade
  • TDC (Top Dead Center Mod)
  • HPA Build
  • Calculate Cylinder / Barrel / BB weight Ratio
  • And More...


because we love them

Our trusted Sidearm, a small SMG, or an Airsoft DMR Rifle, the best experience is given by a GBB. It's maybe the more expensive solution for the Airsoft experience, but they're absolutly worth it. Don't be to enthousiastic now, they need a lot of maintenance and if the gun needs repairing, the parts are not easely found or they are more expensive then other Airsoft solutions.

That asside, we realy like to work on them. Its one of the platforms that gives the most information back. Either it works or we need to take another look. In the past years we can say that the techniques used have become a speciality of ours.


  • Full Dissasembled Cleaning
  • Hop-Up Assembly Upgrade
  • Smooth Workings
  • Pistol Upgrades
  • HPA Rebuild
  • And More...


OUR speciality

HPA or High Pressured Air is not that old in our community, but we started to learn the techniques before it was becoming popular. HPA is the most reliable rebuild, and now platform that is available on the Airsoft market. The HPA Engine only uses air, or most commonly in combination with a small battery.

The Last years we expanded on HPA Products and we are planning to expand some more on them. We have addapted and made it a sport to keep up with new techniques and create our own.

HPA is something we always do under guidence. If the chain misses a link, the performance and working aren't smooth. The projects are expensive and we want to create an HPA experience that is easy to maintain and lasts.


  • HPA Rebuild
  • Maintenance / Engine Rebuild
  • Nozzle Alignment
  • Full Airsoft Gun HPA Projects
  • Correct Settings
  • And More...



We recently started with 3D designing and printing. With this we would like to design products that aren't available on the market and have a certain demand. After a half year of testing and learning we came to the point we can garanty a decent quality product. We will constantly improve on our 3D techniques and material choices for the best results.

But we are not perfect. And therefor we want to have a decent warranty and service in place for our designs. 

For everyone that is actively involved with further improve the designs, we can garanty that there is a new and improved part ready for them.

Work Method

ACE Designs

All 3D Designs will be produced by ACE (Airsoft Customized Engeneering). The main focus of ACE are quality designs for the Airsoft community, in the form of 3D Designs and Airsoft Gun Projects. 

  1. Designing: An idea or proposal, we will start working and design a first product.
  2. Prototyping: After satisfaction we start printing and testing. Probably there is some redesigning to be done.
  3. Final Product: We have a good quality product, when it has the right strenght and workings. 
  4. Production: Products wil be printed on demand.
  5. Redesigning: Maybe you want it personalized or there is an active proposal for improvement.
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