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As 3D printer filament, PLA is the most used and easiest print material and great for 3D printing novices to start with. It's made from organic materials and is biodegradable, which makes it one of the more environmentally friendly thermo plastics available. In neutral form the filament is semi-translucent with a brownish color and you can print at around 200 degrees. After printing the material is more brittle than other types of filament, making it break instead of bend when pressure is applied.


Only available much more recent compared to the other filaments, PETG has become a popular product combining much of the properties of both PLA and ABS. This material is also used as soda bottle, so you are already familiar with this material. The filament is transparent in neutral state, giving you the ability to print with a lot of translucent colors in our assortment as well as opaque colors. Although it prints best at 245 degrees, it has much less shrinkage compared to ABS, making it almost as easy to work with as PLA. Other important properties include great layer adhesion and because of he nature of the material the print will rather bend than break.


ABS used to be a very popular filament type used for 3D printing, but it's rather hard to work with. This material is also used to make LEGO-blocks and is regularly used in injection molding. Also the smell during printing is at least unpleasant making it a filament used today for only specific purposes like higher temperature conditions or when the material comes in contact with gasoline. Due to high shrinkage the material may warp during print and create great inner forces, which could lead to layers tearing apart. For most properties PETG can replace this material resulting in a far easier print experience. In neutral state this filament is milk-white and prints at around 240 degrees. Also you can use acetone(vapor) to 'meld' the abs a bit, softening the layers and making them blend into each other, creating the illusion of a injection molded part.

Source: RepRap World our filament supplier 

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