Cerakote L96 AWP Asiimov
Cerakote Certified Seal

We may not offer the cheapest Cerakote service, but if you're looking for a quality label with consistent craftsmanship and keeping the agreed deadline, you've come to the right place.

We are a trained Cerakote applicator and already have several projects to our name. We have plenty of options to accept your custom project. We can create various custom decals, process multicolor logos, process camouflage & patterns, make film and game replicas, etc.

For an indication of the Cerakote service price, you can use the prices below. If your personal project is not indicated, contact us for a quote.

Pistol & Revolver

Complete Pistol/Revolver150,00 €
Barrel & Bushing28,00 €
Controls28,00 €
Frame only65,00 €
Magazine28,00 €
Slide only65,00 €


Shotgun150,00 €

Bolt Action

Bolt Action Rifles160,00 €

Military Rifles

Complete Military Rifles260,00 €

Rifle Parts

Trigger guard28,00 €
Barrel65,00 €
Barreled Receiver130,00 €
Bolt (complete)65,00 €
Bolt handle28,00 €
Bolt Group65,00 €
Buttstock65,00 €
Foregrip90,00 €
Lower Receiver65,00 €
Magazine and/or Magazine floor plate50,00 €
Magazine tube28,00 €
Magazine tube extension32,00 €
Stock65,00 €
Stock (natural solid untreated wood)210,00 €
Upper Receiver65,00 €
Upper / Lower / Handguard180,00 €

Equipment / Others

Bipods80,00 €
Holster46,00 €
Knivesfrom 64,00 €
Magazine pouch65,00 €
Scopefrom 98,00 €
Scope mount85,00 €
Weapon Lightfrom 125,00 €

Camo Paterns

Pistol / Rifle
Additional colors and coats+ 50,00€

+ 30,00 €

Tiger stripe (2 colors)250€ / 350 €
Woodland Camo (3 colors)250€ / 390 €
Multi-Cam290€ / 450 €
Kryptec290€ / 450 €
Digital250€ / 450 €
M90 Camo250€ / 390 €
Special Designsfrom 50,00 €

Disassembly & Assembly

Per Hour40,00 €


Guncandy is a pearl that is mixed in a clear. We use the Cerakote Clears for these purposes. Guncandy provides Chameleon colors as well as a beautiful Solid series, for creating that beautiful pearl effect.

Guncandy requires a base layer to do justice to the colors. The color of this bottom layer can be chosen to give a personal touch.

The price is determined per item:

1st Layerfrom 28,00 €

Cerakote / Guncandy Tokio Marui Breacher
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