Cerakote L96 AWP Asiimov
Cerakote Certified Seal
On all Ceracote and Guncandy Coatings

Pistol & Revolver

Complete Pistol/Revolver195,00 €
Barrel & Bushing28,00 €
Controls28,00 €
Frame only98,00 €
Magazine28,00 €
Slide only70,00 €


Complete Shotgun335,00 €

Bolt Action

Complete Bolt Action Rifles335,00 €

Military Rifles

Complete Military Rifles395,00 €

Rifle Parts

Trigger guard38,00 €
Barrel110,00 €
Barreled Receiver130,00 €
Bolt (complete)52,00 €
Bolt handle30,00 €
Bolt Group46,00 €
Buttstock98,00 €
Forestock98,00 €
Lower Receiver105,00 €
Magazine and/or Magazine floor plate50,00 €
Magazine tube46,00 €
Magazine tube extension46,00 €
Stock155,00 €
Stock (natural solid untreated wood)210,00 €
Upper Receiver105,00 €

Equipment / Others

Additional colors and coats+50%
Charge for special designs

from 98,00 €

Bipods80,00 €
Holster46,00 €
Knivesfrom 64,00 €
Magazine pouch65,00 €
Scopefrom 98,00 €
Scope mount85,00 €

Disassembly & Assembly

Per Hour40,00 €


Guncandy is a pearl that is mixed in a clear. We use the Cerakote Clears for these purposes. Guncandy provides Chameleon colors as well as a beautiful Solid series, for creating that beautiful pearl effect.

Guncandy requires a base layer to do justice to the colors. The color of this bottom layer can be chosen to give a personal touch.

The price is determined per item:

1st Layerfrom 28,00 €

Cerakote / Guncandy Tokio Marui Breacher
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